Friday, September 16, 2022


Smart TV Box Fighting Game is a 3D Mobile Fighting Game with intuitive touchscreen gameplay and stunning 3D Graphics available for free download.

Choose how to fight and defeat your alien opponents: Boxing, Kung fu, Two-handed Sword Combat, Jujitsu and many more combo-oriented fighting techniques are available.

Fast-action 3D fighting android tv box game gameplay at your fingertips:

▶ No Gamepad is required. The game is playable with Android TV Box remote control.
▶ Smooth and realistic extreme combo action and oversized magical weapons are available to provide one of the most unique and enjoyable fighting game experience to players.
▶ Playable offline everywhere. Smart TV Box Fighting Game can be played on both Mobile devices and Android TV Box.
▶ Vivid design and bright graphics
▶ Explore an ever-growing collection of colorful and distinctive levels, characters and enemies.
▶ No Gamepad Required

This 3D Fighting Game is perfect for fighting game lovers.

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